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Welcome to the Cycling '74 Wiki - a place where we will be working alongside you to shape and maintain a repository of useful information about Max, MSP, and Jitter. As a quick look around will suggest, it’s in process - pages and sections are appearing/under development, and being expanded. Since this Wiki is a work in progress, your help is going to be essential in terms of defining both the content and form for the Wiki. So consider this a call to action – what is it about Max, MSP or Jitter that you value and know about? There’s a place for you here, and those who come after you will thank you as we thank you now. Onward!

All About Max

Learn more about Max, MSP and Jitter.

Max and Technology

Using specific technologies within the Max environment

Max Interfaces

Using Max with the rest of the world


Topics and Techniques

Learning Max-specific techniques and strategies

People and Places

Max in the real world - workshops/courses, events, and resources

Do you want to write an article?

Here is some information that can help.