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In addition to the materials on this Wiki, you can access the complete documentation for versions 5 and 6 of Max online, in addition to several written tutorials and books about Max.

Online Max Documentation

Max 6 online documentation

Max 5 online documentation

Max Tutorial for Downloading

Author: Peter Elsea

Description: Popular Max reference material

More information: Click here to access the PDF downloads

Books about Max

Designing Audio Objects for Max/MSP and Pd

Author: Eric Lyon

Description: This book guides the reader step-by-step through the process of designing externals, from concept through implementation in English.

More information: Purchase online

Max/MSP: guía de programación para artistas

Author: Francisco Colasanto

Description: Music and sound focused academic text on how to program with MaxMSP, written in Spanish.

More information: Purchase online

Max/MSP: Programming Guide for Artists, Volume 2 Max 6: Interface

Author: Francisco Colasanto

Description: Teaching techniques for different levels and a reference source on the Max programming language, written in English and Spanish.

More information: Purchase English e-book online

Purchase Spanish e-book online

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ELECTRONIC MUSIC AND SOUND DESIGN: Theory and Practice with Max/MSP - Vol. I and 2

Authors: Alessandro Cipriani and Maurizio Giri (Foreword by David Zicarelli)

Description: Explains sound design and music concepts through Max, and gives lots of examples throughout. Written in Italian and translated to English.

More information: Purchase online

Max/MSP/Jitter for Music: A Practical Guide to Developing Interactive Music Systems for Education and More

Author: V. J. Manzo

Description: Use Max to write custom software for musical interaction. The book will discuss the concepts needed to complete your project, complete many projects in a step-by-step style guide, and look at numerous included software examples of working systems.

More information: Excerpt and purchase online

Composing Interactive Music: Techniques and Ideas Using Max

Author: Todd Winkler

More information: Purchase online

オデッセイ / : A Max Odyssey Max/MSP/Jitterの総合解説書

トランスMaxエクスプレス / Trans Max Express


The Max Book (4.5) オブジェクト・リファレンス、

The Jitter Book (1.5) クイック・チュートリアル、99ページ

Author: Masayuki Akamatsu

Description: Numerous Max books in Japanese

More information: IAMAS website Publications