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*[ June 8-13, 2015, Charlotte, NC USA: Charlotte New Music Festival Max Workshop]

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This page is intended to serve as a user-updated listing of upcoming Max/MSP/Jitter workshops, and we welcome your listings. To list a workshop here, add a link to the relevant URL for your upcoming event. The text for the link should start with the dates, followed by the location.

Here is the format for an example listing and an example of how the link will appear:

*[// 18-29 July 2011, Berkeley, CA USA: CNMAT Max/MSP/Jitter Day + Night School]

Note: When your workshop listing is no longer timely (i.e. the workshop is over/filled/underway), please remove the link to help us keep this page's contents up to date.

Thanks for your support.

-the gardener

[edit] Max/MSP/Jitter Workshops