Middle East/Africa (Schools)

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Cairo Conservatoire, Composition Department

Software Taught: Max 4.6, Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Giga Orchestra, and more

Enrollment Contact: Prof. Madkour

Course Offered: Electronic and Computer Music

Platform: Mac, Win

Frequency: Semester

Instructor: Ahmed Madkour

Comments: Contact instructor for more information

German University Cairo

Department: Media Design

Contact: Prof. Daniel Fetzner,

Course Offered: Interaction Design

Software Taught: Max5

Platform: Mac

Frequency: Semester

Instructor: Bernd Dudzik


Address: New Cairo City, Main Entrance of El Tagamoa Al Khames, Egypt


Tel Aviv University, Center for Computer Aided Music

Software Taught: Max/MSP, Finale, Cubase, Nord Modular, CSound, Kyma


Courses Offered: Computer Aided Music, Computer Aided Composition