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Four Tips to Distinguish Impact Crusher and Hammer Crusher

Impact Crusher is new high-efficiency crushing equipment, which is characterized by small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio (up to 40), low energy consumption, large capacity, uniform particle size, and selective crushing effect is excellent crushing equipment. Impact Crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, roads, railways and other engineering and construction fields.

Technical advantages of impact crusher compared with the hammer crusher

1. Impact Crusher applies to both the soft material but also for very large hardness of the material

Impact Crusher hammer mechanical clamping plate firmly fixed on the rotor structure, when the rotor rotates with great inertia. Relative to the hammer crusher (hammer was suspended state), Impact Crusher rotor has greater momentum to meet the Crushing harder materials, and lower energy consumption.

2. Impact crusher can effectively handle a large amount of moisture of the material, to prevent clogging of the crusher.

When excessive moisture in materials handling, Impact Crusher feed chute and back panels can be equipped with heating devices to prevent the adhesion of materials. Impact Crusher not be equipped with the bottom screen can effectively prevent clogging. The hammer crusher cannot be used to prevent heating the adhesive material and shall be equipped with a bottom screen, increasing the possibility of clogging.

3. Wear and tear of wearing parts smaller than the hammer crusher, metal utilization

Hammer Impact Crusher wear looking only appear in the material side. When the rotor speed is normal, the feed plate hammer will fall to the surface (of attack), board hammer back and sides are not being worn. Looking even wear of the material on this side is very small. And the bottom of the grinding rod is also very easy to replace. Impact Crusher hammer metal utilization can be as high as 45% -48%.

4. You can adjust the particle size is convenient and flexible, wide range of adjustment

Impact crusher can adjust the particle size variety of ways, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjust the back plate and the grinding chamber clearance and so on. Gap adjustment by mechanical or hydraulic adjustment, hydraulic adjustment system can easily operate buttons or fortune through local control system to complete clearance adjustment. The hammer crusher adjust the particle size can only be achieved by replacing the bottom screen.

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