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Four Tips to Distinguish Impact Crusher and Hammer Crusher

Impact Crusher is new high-efficiency crushing equipment, which is characterized by small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio (up to 40), low energy consumption, large capacity, uniform particle size, and selective crushing effect is excellent crushing equipment. Impact Crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, roads, railways and other engineering and construction fields.

Technical advantages of impact crusher compared with the hammer crusher

1. Impact Crusher applies to both the soft material but also for very large hardness of the material

Impact Crusher hammer mechanical clamping plate firmly fixed on the rotor structure, when the rotor rotates with great inertia. Relative to the hammer crusher (hammer was suspended state), Impact Crusher rotor has greater momentum to meet the Crushing harder materials, and lower energy consumption.

2. Impact crusher can effectively handle a large amount of moisture of the material, to prevent clogging of the crusher.

When excessive moisture in materials handling, Impact Crusher feed chute and back panels can be equipped with heating devices to prevent the adhesion of materials. Impact Crusher not be equipped with the bottom screen can effectively prevent clogging. The hammer crusher cannot be used to prevent heating the adhesive material and shall be equipped with a bottom screen, increasing the possibility of clogging.

3. Wear and tear of wearing parts smaller than the hammer crusher, metal utilization

Hammer Impact Crusher wear looking only appear in the material side. When the rotor speed is normal, the feed plate hammer will fall to the surface (of attack), board hammer back and sides are not being worn. Looking even wear of the material on this side is very small. And the bottom of the grinding rod is also very easy to replace. Impact Crusher hammer metal utilization can be as high as 45% -48%.

4. You can adjust the particle size is convenient and flexible, wide range of adjustment

Impact crusher can adjust the particle size variety of ways, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjust the back plate and the grinding chamber clearance and so on. Gap adjustment by mechanical or hydraulic adjustment, hydraulic adjustment system can easily operate buttons or fortune through local control system to complete clearance adjustment. The hammer crusher adjust the particle size can only be achieved by replacing the bottom screen.

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Quality Is the Determined Factor of Impact Crusher

Quality of the product determines the quality of its production, so to strengthen impact crusher quality management to improve aggregate production, strengthen the machine quality of impact crusher, must be from two aspects: The first is to improve their own quality of production line workers, and the second is to enhance the image of mining machinery enterprises and social awareness.

Impact crusher can crush each kind of coarse, medium, fine cubic material(granite, limestone and concrete etc) with feeding size not more than 500mm and crushing strength not more than 350MPa.Thus Impact Crusher is widely applied to secondary and tertiary crushing of various ores and medium-hard materials in railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical industry construction etc. Impact crusher is often used for primary, secondary and tertiary crushing of brittle material below medium hardness such as limestone, coal, calcium carbide, quartz, dolomite, ferric sulfide mineral, calcium sulfate and industrial chemicals.

High -efficient technologies quality management can reduce the loss, improve production efficiency. And gradually establish a good technology management system; improve the coordination ability and skill level of technical department technical staff. Through the technologies quality management in the new impact crusher process, gradually enhance the staff's quality consciousness and sense of responsibility. Strengthen impact crusher aggregate production management to improve the quality, inspire staff enthusiasm and creativity, improve the staff's theoretical knowledge and operational capacity, so that employees with a positive attitude and higher quality to create the bright future of their own businesses and.

New impact crusher quality management is the most important factor of mining machinery development. A system of quality management program, has greatly improved the quality of the machine produced aggregates. In the meantime, that will also improve the impact crusher's overall competitiveness and corporate management.

Quality is a business card, an effective techniques quality management can promote ore stone production process and quality control, quality system in accordance with the national program files and documents required to carry out the job effectively, for company's product quality to provide standardized protection.

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How to Control the Running of Rotary Kiln?

Rotary kiln is the main equipment in the system, but kiln firing response requires a stable combustion conditions, so that the combustion condition is the key part of the kiln system. Regardless of theory or actual production, kiln hood displayed in these two data have extraordinary significance. When the system is running, it should be controlled carefully.

First of all, when the high temperature data at this location (preferably a large kiln hood when ≧ 1150 ℃) and stable system of coal consumption can be reduced. It is also important that the temperature data is an observation point performance and clinker cooler quenching effect. When the secondary air temperature ≧ 1150 ℃ (large kiln hood). Description clinker quenching effect is good (reasonable detection position). The opposite is not good enough.

Secondly, it is the whole point of firing pulverized coal combustion air runtime with balance. Firing pulverized coal combustion air system needs about 93 percent go through the kiln hood (the rest is supplied by coal burner fan). When the kiln hood pressure data stabilized at 0-30pa time (to real data and with the size of the kiln hood), it shows the amount of air passing is stable. Such coal combustion conditions (excess air ratio) can be guaranteed.

Therefore, only the two data stable combustion conditions and combustion conditions can be stabilized before the pulverized coal (other conditions unchanged). Stable operation of the system will have protection. On the other hand, it is difficult to stabilize other operating parameters of the system.

To stable the operation of this parameter, it will associate the cooler for wind turbine exhaust fan opening and the head of operations. Associate open coal mill downtime. So all the fans all parts of the kiln into a complete system to ensure accurate and stable system of air usage. Changed the way people had to be adjusted first generation and exhaust fan mistake. Also making people stop in the open coal mill to pay attention to the amount of the increase for the wind.

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