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'''''<your name here>'''''
'''''Nicolas Déflache'''''
'''Contact''': please use contact form on website
'''Specialty''': Sound artist (Theater, Contemporary Music), Consultant, Programmer.
'''Area of Expertise''':  
'''Area of Expertise''': Max/MSP, Max4Live, IRCAM software, Audio Engineering
'''More info''':  
'''More info''': using Max since 2003

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If you wish to offer your services as a consultant or programmer to others working on projects that include Max, MSP, or Jitter, you may provide a brief listing identifying yourself and your services. This page is intended to serve as a starting point for further contact rather than a place to publish a CV or examples of your work.

Here is an example entry:

Max Gardener

Contact: <your contact email>

Website: <your website's URL>

Specialty: Consultant/Programmer

Area of Expertise: Jitter, Arduino, Max object programming

United Kingdom

David Butler



Specialty: Systems integration, installations, custom C-coded Max/Jitter objects

Area of Expertise: Networked applications, advanced show control applications, lighting control (DMX, Art-Net), video & OpenGL

More info: I work in the entertainment industry and am experienced in developing custom solutions for video/lighting/show control problems in very short timescales.

Luke Woodbury



Specialty: Consultancy, programming, hardware, interactive and multi-sensory installations, resources for special educational needs, immersive experiences and assistive technology

Area of Expertise: Max/MSP/Jitter, Arduino, DMX lighting, OSC, tablet and wireless interfaces, vibro-tactile technologies, motion tracking

More info: I have been performing, installing and doing daily work with Max for several years. I am currently contracted within a special needs school to continue development of their sensory studio.


Nicolas Déflache

Contact: please use contact form on website


Specialty: Sound artist (Theater, Contemporary Music), Consultant, Programmer.

Area of Expertise: Max/MSP, Max4Live, IRCAM software, Audio Engineering

More info: using Max since 2003

Asia Minor

<your name here>




Area of Expertise:

More info: