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If you wish to offer your services as a person offering their skills for one-on-one training or tutorials for Max, MSP, and Jitter, you may provide a brief listing identifying yourself and your services. This page is intended to serve as a starting point for further contact rather than a place to publish a CV or examples of your work.

Here is an example entry:

Name: Max Gardener

Contact: <your contact email>

Website: <your website's URL>

Specialty: Training, One-on-one tutorials, Skype tutorials

Area of Expertise: Beginner and Intermediate level Max, MSP, and Jitter. Specialising in OpenGL


United Kingdom

Charles Matthews



Specialty: Group training, one to one tutorials

Area of Expertise: Synthesis, sequencing.

More info: I am based in London and have been working with Max since 2002. I have previously taught an introduction to Max at Middlesex University and an introduction to sonic art at City Lit. I've used Max in sensory rooms and outreach work at WAC Arts, and developed switch-based interfaces for graphics and music.


Julien Bayle



Specialty: sound & visual interactions, interface design, max for live

Area of Expertise: sound & dsp design, visual & jitter hardcore design

More info: using Max since 2006, teaching it since 2010

Mark Linnane



Areas of expertise: Audio synthesis + analysis, interactive installation, generative music, realtime performance, Max + Arduino, video manipulation, generative video

More info: Max lecturer at Trinity College, Dublin. Digital artist, creative technologist and video producer, working with Max since 2001.

Ivan Osipenko


Website: sickaudio

Areas of expertise: Synthesis, Sound Design, Synth building, Controllerism,

More info: Professional Sound Designer with nearly 10 year experience. Working with max since 2010. Teaching since 2012.

Asia Minor

<your name here>




Area of Expertise:

More info: