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If you wish to offer your services as a person offering their skills for one-on-one training or tutorials for Max, MSP, and Jitter, you may provide a brief listing identifying yourself and your services. This page is intended to serve as a starting point for further contact rather than a place to publish a CV or examples of your work.

Here is an example entry:

Name: Max Gardener

Contact: <your contact email>

Website: <your website's URL>

Specialty: Training, One-on-one tutorials, Skype tutorials

Area of Expertise: Beginner and Intermediate level Max, MSP, and Jitter. Specialising in OpenGL



Nicolas Canot



Specialty: Group training, one to one tutorials

Area of Expertise: Sound creation, Composition, Improvisation.

More info: I'm a sound/digital artist, improviser, guitar player and teacher based in Reims, France. My work is focused for several years on electronic/electroacoustic music and sound creations, often relative to real or fictional acoustic spaces (binaural works, headphones live performances, computer controlled rotating speakers, multi-channels sound installations etc). My sound creations/installations were performed/showed in France, England, Romania, Portugal and soon, in Canada or Poland. I perform as a solo artist and regularly collaborates with visual or sound artists as well as jazz instrumentalists like Sylvain Darrifourcq, Luis Vina, Jean-Christophe Hanché, Eduardo Cunha, Alexandra Grimal, Luis Eurico Costa, GMTW, Ivan Polliart, Jean-Baptiste Berger, Fabien Cali, José Alberto Gomes, João Menezes or José Pedro Coelho, to name some of them. I'm an associated artist, curator, publisher, translator for 23.03 [art contemporain collective :] as well as former artist of Tacomma [improvised music collective]. I also teach sound art theory, history & practices, conducting workshops in High Schools and Universities using softwares such as Max/MSP/Jitter, Pure Data, Ableton Live, Arduino etc.


Julien Bayle



Specialty: sound & visual interactions, interface design, max for live

Area of Expertise: sound & dsp design, visual & jitter hardcore design

More info: using Max since 2006, teaching it since 2010

Mark Linnane



Areas of expertise: Audio synthesis + analysis, interactive installation, generative music, realtime performance, Max + Arduino, video manipulation, generative video

More info: Max lecturer at Trinity College, Dublin. Digital artist, creative technologist and video producer, working with Max since 2001.

Ivan Osipenko


Website: sickaudio

Areas of expertise: Synthesis, Sound Design, Synth building, Controllerism,

More info: Professional Sound Designer with nearly 10 year experience. Working with max since 2010. Teaching since 2012.

Franz Rosati



Areas of expertise: Interactive Systems, Computer Vision, Interactive Sound Design, OpenGL

More info: Freelance Interaction Designer, Music composer, Lecturer, independent sound & visual artist C'74 Max user since 2004

Michael Sweeton



Areas of expertise: Standalone application development, Max for Live devices.

More info: First began using Max at Huddersfield University (2008), worked on Max applications at IRCAM (2009), and developed commercial audio software at SirenAudio since 2011.

Asia Minor

<your name here>




Area of Expertise:

More info: