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If you wish to offer your services as a consultant or programmer to others working on projects that include Max, MSP, or Jitter, you may provide a brief listing identifying yourself and your services. This page is intended to serve as a starting point for further contact rather than a place to publish a CV or examples of your work.

Here is an example entry:

Name: Max Gardener

Contact: <your contact email>

Website: <your website's URL>

Specialty: Consultant/Programmer

Area of Expertise: Jitter, Arduino, Max object programming

United States

Peter Nyboer



Specialty: Consultant and programmer

Area of Expertise: MSP, Jitter, UI, JavaScript, Max for Live, MIDI hardware integration, networking

More info: I've programmed several standalone applications for audio and video, both for sharing and for commerce. Using Max since 1992.

Matt Wellins



Specialty: Consultant and programmer

Area of Expertise: Max/MSP, Jitter, M4L, analog electronics

More info: New York-based, freelance since 2005, references available.

Peter McCulloch



Specialty: Composer, teacher, consultant, and programmer

Area of Expertise: Max/MSP, M4L, pedagogy, poly~, gen~, interaction, Java, and SQL

More info: I'm a Brooklyn-based composer who has been working with Max since the late 1990s. I've written a variety of applications using Max, such as a virtual model of the EML-200 analog synthesizer (free download in the projects section on the C'74 page) and AnalogKick for MaxForLive (available on I use Max extensively in my composition work, have also taught Max at the college level for the last eight years, and have extensive concert tech experience.

Thomas Martinez



Speciality: Patient and Experienced Max Tutor. Great for projects with a deadline or just for fun!

Area of Expertise: Video Manipulation for Live Performance and Installation. Audio Processing and Spatialization. Max for LIve. See this link here for a Max Talk I did on some sound processing:

More Info:

Dr. Chris Warren



Specialty: Composer, programmer, researcher, and educator

Area of Expertise: Max, Max for Live, audio effects, digital instruments

More info: Ph.D. in Computer Music, studying with Dr. Miller Puckette, author of Max and Pure Data. M.A. in Music, Science, and Technology from Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. Inventor at SuperHoax. Creator of the EchoThief Impulse Response Library. Educator at San Diego State University.

Dafna Naphtali



Specialty: Consultant/Programmer/SoundDesigner/Educator

Area of Expertise: MaxMSP programming for live performance and installations; live sound processing; multi-channel sound, Jitter, MIDI and gestural control, programming robotic instruments, troubleshooting.

More info: I'm a Brooklyn-based composer/performer/programmer, working with Max since 1992 for my own performance projects. Since 1995 I have worked on over 50 artist-in-residence and client projects at Harvestworks, Engine 27 for private clients, in a very wide variety of projects for performance and installation. I teach Advanced Max/MSP/Jitter at New York University since 2008, and have taught Max privately, workshops, and in classes at NYU, Harvestworks, Brooklyn College, Bard College, since 1995.


Martin Ritter



Specialty: Consultant, programmer, teacher

Area of Expertise: Max/MSP, Jitter, JS, interactive computer music

More info:

Nathanaël Lécaudé

Contact: Twitter: @natcl


Specialty: General Max programming, Jitter, Networking, DMX, Arduino/Teensy, Sensors, Hardware integration

Area of Expertise: Max/MSP, Jitter, JS, Python

More info: Speaks French and English. Been using Max since 2003.