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If you wish to offer your services as a consultant or programmer to others working on projects that include Max, MSP, or Jitter, you may provide a brief listing identifying yourself and your services. This page is intended to serve as a starting point for further contact rather than a place to publish a CV or examples of your work.

Here is an example entry:

Name: Max Gardener

Contact: <your contact email>

Website: <your website's URL>

Specialty: Consultant/Programmer

Area of Expertise: Jitter, Arduino, Max object programming

United States

Peter Nyboer



Specialty: Consultant and programmer

Area of Expertise: MSP, Jitter, UI, JavaScript, Max for Live, MIDI hardware integration, networking

More info: I've programmed several standalone applications for audio and video, both for sharing and for commerce. Using Max since 1992.

Matt Wellins



Specialty: Consultant and programmer

Area of Expertise: Max/MSP, Jitter, M4L, analog electronics

More info: New York-based, freelance since 2005, references available.

Peter McCulloch



Specialty: Composer, teacher, consultant, and programmer

Area of Expertise: Max/MSP, M4L, pedagogy, poly~, gen~, interaction, Java, and SQL

More info: I'm a Brooklyn-based composer who has been working with Max since the late 1990s. I've written a variety of applications using Max, such as a virtual model of the EML-200 analog synthesizer (free download in the projects section on the C'74 page) and AnalogKick for MaxForLive (available on I use Max extensively in my composition work, have also taught Max at the college level for the last eight years, and have extensive concert tech experience.

Thomas Martinez



Speciality: Patient and Experienced Max Tutor. Great for projects with a deadline or just for fun!

Area of Expertise: Video Manipulation for Live Performance and Installation. Audio Processing and Spatialization. Max for LIve. See this link here for a Max Talk I did on some sound processing:

More Info:


Martin Ritter



Specialty: Consultant, programmer, teacher

Area of Expertise: Max/MSP, Jitter, JS, interactive computer music

More info:

Nathanaël Lécaudé

Contact: Twitter: @natcl


Specialty: General Max programming, Jitter, Networking, DMX, Arduino/Teensy, Sensors, Hardware integration

Area of Expertise: Max/MSP, Jitter, JS, Python

More info: Speaks French and English. Been using Max since 2003.