Using Max for Live Devices: Buffer Shuffler 2.0 Ep03

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===The Buffer Shuffler 2.0 video series:===
===The Buffer Shuffler 2.0 video series:===
* [[Episode 1|Using_Max_for_Live_Devices:_Buffer_Shuffler_2.0_Ep01]]
* [[Using_Max_for_Live_Devices:_Buffer_Shuffler_2.0_Ep01|Episode 1]]
* [[Episode 2|Using_Max_for_Live_Devices:_Buffer_Shuffler_2.0_Ep02]]
* [[Using_Max_for_Live_Devices:_Buffer_Shuffler_2.0_Ep02|Episode 2]]
* [[Episode 3|Using_Max_for_Live_Devices:_Buffer_Shuffler_2.0_Ep03]]
* [[Using_Max_for_Live_Devices:_Buffer_Shuffler_2.0_Ep03|Episode 3]]
[[Category:Using Max for Live Devices]]
[[Category:Using Max for Live Devices]]

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The second episode of the Buffer Shuffler 2.0 video digs into some of the details needed to get the most our of the new Buffer Shuffler.

[edit] Episode 3 Topics

• New possibilities with sequence length, bar and beat changes of the grid.

• Audio Slice Direction.

• Simple pattern manipulation with BS2.0 and adding unique qualities to simple melodies.

• Freeze and Linked modes explained.

[edit] The Buffer Shuffler 2.0 video series:

  • Episode 3