Using Max for Live Devices: Mono Sequencer Ep02

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In the second video of our Mono Sequencer series, Matthew looks at the multiple sequences available within a single instance of the device.

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Episode 2 Topics

Step enable lane - using the step enable lane to create rhythmic patterns

Duration lane - modulate note length with the note duration lane

Octave lane - change the octave range of notes with the dedicated octave lane

Multiple Independent Loops

The focus of episode two uncovers the power of multiple independent loop points for each sequence. Mono Sequencer is six independent sequencers that share a common pulse. Each sequence controls a specific musical attribute (pitch, velocity, duration, octave, repeat and step enable). Each of these sequences has its own loop length and step behavior. Switch among the various sequence lanes with the tabs next to the sequencer display. The step enable lane is always visible.