Using Max for Live Devices: Mono Sequencer Ep07

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This time it is the Nanocontrol, and it is used to create a complexity during live performance with a minimum of changes to the sequence itself.

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Episode 7 Topics

Using the CC button to enable MIDI continuous controller loop point control

CC Knob Mapping

There are up to 64 steps in a sequence. MIDI CC values output from 0-127. This 0-127 range is scaled to 1-64 to take advantage of the additional available resolution. Therefore, if you're using 16 steps, you'll only use 1/4 of the knob travel.

CC1: Start loop point - all sequence lanes

CC2: End loop point - all sequence lanes

CC3: Start loop point - pitch

CC4: End loop point - pitch

CC5: Start loop point - velocity

CC6: End loop point - velocity

CC7: Start loop point - octave

CC8: End loop point - octave

CC9: Start loop point - duration

CC10: End loop point - duration

CC11: Start loop point - repeat

CC12: End loop point - repeat

CC13: Start loop point - step enable

CC14: End loop point- step enable

  • Mono Sequencer Episode 07