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({{maxword|name=comment}} Tips and Workarounds)
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=={{maxword|name=comment}} Tutorials==
=={{maxword|name=comment}} Tutorials==
* The {{maxword|name=comment}} object is covered in [ the first Max tutorial]
*  is also part of [[20Objects_Lesson_03_-_The_Message_Box|the Third lesson in the 20 Objects series]].
=={{maxword|name=comment}} Tips and Workarounds==
=={{maxword|name=comment}} Tips and Workarounds==

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comment online refpage

Using the comment object

comment Tutorials

comment Tips and Workarounds

  • One of the more tiresome aspects of working with the comment object is having to constantly adjust its width to match the internal text. At one point, I was watching Ben Bracken do some live patching, and he was using a keyboard shortcut to constantly fit the size of the comment to the typed-in text. I (and others in the room) all shouted out "What are you doing!"; it turns out that the "Fix Width" menu command (and command-J shortcut on Mac) does this in a hurry - and has subsequently saved hours of comment size fixing.
  • For designing UI's using comments for text, note that the current version of the comment object now support right- and center-justification (as well as the classic left-justification).

Third-Party Max externals similar to the comment object listing for the comment object

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