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Using the comment object

The comment object can be used to document your patch, or to provide labeling for user interfaces. Inspector options allow you to change the font, font size and style. There is also a "bubble" mode that is useful for suggesting directed patch activities.

comment Tutorials

comment Tips and Workarounds

  • One of the more tiresome aspects of working with the comment object is having to constantly adjust its width to match the entered text. At one point, I was watching Ben Bracken do some live patching, and he was using a keyboard shortcut to constantly fit the size of the comment to the typed-in text. I (and others in the room) all shouted out "What are you doing!"; it turns out that the "Fix Width" menu command (and command-J shortcut on Mac) does this in a hurry - and has subsequently saved hours of comment size fixing.
  • For designing UI's using comments for text, note that the current version of the comment object now support right- and center-justification (as well as the classic left-justification).

Third-Party Max externals similar to the comment object listing for the comment object

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