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float online refpage

Using the float object

The float object lets you store a float value in the right inlet and wait for a bang in the left inlet before outputting the value. It can also convert ints to floats. Float takes one argument that will specify a default or starting value.

A float object can be very helpful if you need to store a value and retrieve it later without the possibility of a user changing it within the UI.

float Tutorials

Max Basic Tutorial 16: Remote Messaging introduces the float object. While not covered in the tutorial, you can use the send message to float to send its stored value to a named receive object.

float Tips and Workarounds

You can abbreviate the object name to "f".

You can use float in place of a send object using the send message:

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Like many things in Max, there are many ways to do what float does, but it offers particular behaviors that can be useful.

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Third-Party Max externals similar to the float object listing for the float object

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