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funnel online refpage

Using the funnel object

Funnel is a fast and easy way to index messages and lists based on the inlet they are received in. By combining them with objects like spray, we can easily manage sending and receiving lots of commands between patchers using objects like send/receive without needing to add lots of extra objects to explicitly identify the parameters. This patch uses funnel to send commands over a localhost connection to control a simple OpenGL environment, but could easily be modified to control a remote machine.

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funnel Tutorials

funnel Tips and Workarounds

You can use the funnel object together with coll to create your own state saving (preset) solution. This patch extends the help patch for funnel by incorporating saving and recall of multiple states.

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Third-Party Max externals similar to the funnel object

The CNMAT library includes a number of OSC objects that allow for easy OSC formatting, parsing and routing of data. listing for the funnel object

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