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jit.brcosa online refpage

Using the jit.brcosa object

jit.brcosa is all-in-one object for adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation on pixel data (RGBA). It can be used to achieve a variety of color effects.

jit.brcosa Tutorials

jit.brcosa is used in Jitter Tutorial 7: Image Level Adjustment.

Jitter Tutorial 25: Tracking the Position of a Color in a Movie uses jit.brcosa to make the colors more distinctive for easier tracking analysis.

It is used in Jitter Tutorial 45: Introduction to using Jitter within JavaScript as part of an edge detection and named matrix feedback patch.

jit.brcosa is also the focus of 20 Objects Lesson 18: The jit.brcosa Object.

jit.brcosa Tips and Workarounds

jit.brcosa is often useful when doing a variety of computer vision related operations, such as blob tracking or edge detection.

A gen version of jit.brcosa is available in the examples folder:

  • ./examples/jitter-examples/gen/jit.pix.brcosa.maxpat

Third-Party Max externals similar to the jit.brcosa object listing for the jit.brcosa object

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