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jit.charmap online refpage

Using the jit.charmap object

jit.charmap creates a 256-point input to output map. Input values in an incoming character matrix are replaced with corresponding output values. This can be useful for achieving a variety of color effects such as two-tone imaging and independent control of brightness and contrast on each plane.

jit.charmap Tutorials

jit.charmap is used in Jitter Tutorial 12: Color Lookup Tables as one of two ways to remap color values inside of jitter (the other method uses jit.gradient).

It is also used in Jitter Tutorial 49: Colorspaces, which behaves similarly to the patch in Jitter Tutorial 12: Color Lookup Tables, but in uyvy colorspace.

In addition to the above tutorials, the jit.charmap object is a part of the following example patches:

  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/keying/jit-diy-chromakey.maxpat uses jit.charmap as part of a method to make your own chroma keyer.
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/color/jit.charmap-movie2clut.maxpat uses a single scanline of a video matrix to create a dynamic color lookup table.
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/op/jit.charmap-op.maxpat uses jit.op to demonstrate how jit.charmap can be used to perform fast math on pixel data (4-plane char).
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/color/jit.charmap-twotone.maxpat creates a duotone color lookup table with the help of jit.gradient. The VIZZIE object 2TONER uses the same technique.
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/analysis/jit.histogram-toclut.maxpat uses a histogram to create a color lookup table.
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/misc/jit.lcd-ascii-art.maxpat uses jit.charmap to create ascii art based on a lookup table combined with video input.

This online tutorial, CREATING A VIZZIE EFFECTS MODULE walks you through how to make a color lookup table mapping module for the VIZZIE environment.

jit.charmap is used in Jitter recipes 9:Particle Rave, and 26:Video Synth 3.

jit.charmap Tips and Workarounds

For charmap-like behavior in, you can use the cc.colormap.jxs shader, which can be found in ./Cycling '74/jitter-shaders/color/cc.colormap.jxs. The associated help patch is in ./examples/jitter-examples/render/slab-helpers/color/cc.colormap.jxs-help.maxpat.

Third-Party Max externals similar to the jit.charmap object listing for the jit.charmap object

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