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(People who looked at/used this object also looked at....)
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==Third-Party Max externals similar to the {{maxword|}} object==
==Third-Party Max externals similar to the {{maxword|}} object==

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[edit] online refpage

[edit] Using the object lets you add a light source to OpenGL.

[edit] Tutorials

Jitter Tutorial 35: Lighting and Fog is a good introduction to lighting in jitter. Although it uses the default light associated with, not the object, most of the information still applies to working with

[edit] Tips and Workarounds has a default light associated with it. Enabling any object in a patcher disables the default light. Take a look at the light.basic.maxpat example included with max for a clear look at this behavior. You can find it under ./examples/jitter-examples/render/lights.materials/light.basic.maxpat

Lights can be used in a objects sub-context.

You can use up to 8 lights in a scene at a time. Here's a nice example that shows both static and moving lights interacting with specular surfaces: Media: multi.lights.material.maxpat

Attenuation is a great and important way to enhance your lighting effects. This simple patch demonstrates how attenuation parameters cause the light to fall off over distance:

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

[edit] Third-Party Max externals similar to the object listing for the object

[edit] People who looked at/used this object also looked at....

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