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jit.hue online refpage

Using the jit.hue object

jit.hue performs a hue rotation on the incoming matrix while preserving luminance values.

jit.hue Tutorials

jit.hue is introduced in Jitter Tutorial 7: Image Level Adjustment.

Tutorial 14: Matrix Positioning uses the line object to automate rotation of the hue angle.

jit.hue Tips and Workarounds

The jit.rgb2hsl object allows you to directly manipulate the hue plane of an image. Just remember that in most cases you will want to convert it back with jit.hsl2rgb. See the help patch for jit.rgb2hsl for more info.

The help patches for jit.pix and demonstrate how to perform hue shifting in gen by using the hsl2rgb operand to convert argb colorspace to ahsl (alpha, hue, saturation, lightness).

./examples/jitter-examples/video/quicktime/jit.qtfx.helpers/jit.qtfx.hslb.maxhelp shows how to manage hue using jit.qt.effect.

Third-Party Max externals similar to the jit.hue object listing for the jit.hue object

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