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Using the object Tutorials Tips and Workarounds

  • By default resolution is 320 x 240, so you should probably add the attribute @adapt 1 to read the movie at its native resolution. Or you use the attribute @dim if you'd like to force all movies to a common resolution.
  • As soon as you read a movie, it begins playing, whether you're banging it or not. You can control playback manually with the start and stop message. Or you can turn off automatic playback by setting the attribute @autostart 0. With autostart off, it can sometimes be useful to call each frame explicitly, using the frame $1, bang message. If frame accuracy is critical, use frame_true $1, bang.
  • If you are banging faster than its playback frame rate, you'll get duplicate frames, which can waste your processing resources. Adding the attribute @unique 1 eliminates duplicates.
  • If the movie has a sound track, you'll hear it playing through QuickTime. You can turn off its sound using the vol 0 message. If you'd like to process the movie's sound track with MSP, you can use the spigot~ object, which creates a separate sound file of the movie sound track and plays it in sync with the movie. Sometimes I just make two files with the same name, one with the .mov extension and one with the .aif extension. That way you can load the sound file into a buffer~.

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