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jit.rota online refpage

Using the jit.rota object

jit.rota is great for scaling, rotating, and skewing 2D matrix data (i.e., video). It's also a great way to emulate old analog feedback processes, quickly mirror an image, or create a variety of kaleidoscopic effects.

jit.rota Tutorials

  • Jitter Tutorial 15: Image Rotation, provides a solid introduction to the basics of jit.rota. It covers zooming, rotation with a good discussion of the difference between degrees and radians, anchor and offset relationships, and boundmodes. It also shows a nice way to incorporate mouse interaction with the video displayed in a pwindow.
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/3rd_Party/Cycle-delic.maxpat, by Adam Schabtaach, is a wonderful emulation of old analogue feedback systems. There a number of built-in preset states that leverage different functions of jit.rota.
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/3rd_Party/autorota/autorota-demo.maxpat, by Joshua Goldberg, uses MSP oscillator data to drive various parameters of jit.rota.
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/spatial/jit.rota-bgcolor.maxpat shows how to composite the output of jit.rota with a solid background color.
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/spatial/jit.rota-feedback.maxpat is a great starter patch for doing jit.rota based video feedback. It also exposes some of the advanced attributes of jit.rota that allow you to skew the image in new ways.
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/spatial/jit.rota-flowers.maxpat uses autorotation and scaling to create flower like forms from video input.
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/spatial/jit.rota-pile.maxpat uses jit.rota and jit.chromakey to key the previous frame into each new one.

jit.rota Tips and Workarounds

Try replacing the output in any of the previous examples with a jit.grab for interactive fun!

You can also use jit.rota to manipulate matrix types other than standard video. This patch uses the @matrixoutput 1 feature of to manipulate the geometry and render it using a object.

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Third-Party Max externals similar to the jit.rota object listing for the jit.rota object

People who looked at/used this object also looked at....

  • jit.mxform2 - spatial transform using a 3x3 matrix.
  • jit.repos - repositions pixels using a spatial mapping matrix in second inlet.
  • jit.resamp - spatially resamples input matrix for h/v scaling and offsetting.
  • A number of examples in the ./examples/jitter-examples/gen folder use and jit.pix to perform scaling, rotating, skewing, and offset functions that are similar to those performed by jit.rota.
    • NOTE: there are jit.pix versions of these in the same folder.

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