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jit.scalebias online refpage

Using the jit.scalebias object

jit.scalebias is an important object that allows you to scale (multiply) and bias (add to) each plane in a 4-plane character input matrix (ARGB) to achieve a variety of color effects.

jit.scalebias Tutorials

Jitter Tutorial 6: Adjust Color Levels goes over jit.scalebias in detail.

Jitter Tutorial 9: More Mixing uses jit.scalebias with jit.op to emulate the behavior of jit.xfade.

It appears in these tutorials as a way of fading in/out video:

jit.scalebias is an important object for image manipulation and can be used in a variety of ways. Look at these example patches to get a feel for how it can be used:

  • ./examples/jitter-examples/3rd_Party/Cycle-delic.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/3rd_Party/JitterApplets/SimpleMix.lib/MultiModeMixer.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/audio/jit.poke~-spectrogram.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/audio/jitter_pvoc/jitter_pvoc_3D.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/render/gl_fft~.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/render/;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/render/;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/render/;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/render/;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/render/;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/render/;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/analysis/jit.3m-autoexpose.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/analysis/jit.histogram-multbyvideo.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/color/jit.charmap-twotone.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/color/jit.xfade-sat+desat.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/color/RGB2Luma-4_ways.maxpat.
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/keying/jit-diy-chromakey.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/keying/jit.scalebias-rgb2lumakey.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/matrix/jit.matrix-split.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/misc/Eclipse.maxpat (look in the auto-expose sub-patch);
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/misc/jit.robcross-pixels.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/op/jit.op-fabric.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/spatial/jit.convolve-blur.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/spatial/jit.rota-feedback.maxpat;
  • ./examples/jitter-examples/video/spatial/jit.rota-pile.maxpat;

jit.scalebias Tips and Workarounds

Here is a jit.pix patch for doing a basic scalebias in gen:

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

A scalebias shader is included with max. You can find the file here: ./Cycling '74/jitter-shaders/color/cc.scalebias.jxs,

and the help patch here: ./examples/jitter-examples/render/slab-helpers/color/cc.scalebias.jxs-help.maxpat.

The cc.scalebias shader is used in Jitter Tutorial 42: Slab: Data Processing on the GPU as well as in Jitter Recipes 21, 39, 42, 47 and 55.

Third-Party Max externals similar to the jit.scalebias object listing for the jit.scalebias object

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