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live.path online refpage

Using the live.path object

live.path is used to navigate to Live objects on which the live.object, and live.remote~ objects operate. The navigation is purely path based and is independent of the objects currently present in Live. (Navigating to a nonexistent path will result in an id 0 being sent out the left and middle output rather than an error message.)

live.path Tutorials

live.path Tips and Workarounds

Here are some examples of how live.path can be utilized.

Left Outlet - Use the left outlet for anything in Live that won’t change. Often this includes [live.path live_set], or [live.path live_set view] messages.

Left Outlet - Use a bang or piece of code to manually trigger output of the live.path objects inlet. This is not considered a notification — (your code triggered the output from live.path, not a change in Live). Therefore your code can continue on after exiting the left outlet of live.path, and eventually lead to a change in the Live set.

Middle Outlet - live.path object will output automatically when a change in Live is detected. In this way the live.path object acts exactly like an observer. This is a notification and cannot lead to a change in the Live set (at least not without a [deferlow] somewhere).

Middle Outlet - [live.path live_set view selected_track] would send the ID of the newly selected track out its middle outlet automatically whenever the ID of the currently selected track changes. (You could then, for example, go on to send the ID into the right inlet of a [ arm] object and the value (0 or 1) will be sent out its left outlet.)

Middle Outlet - [live.path live_set view detail_clip] is another popular use.

Right Outlet - [live.path provides a dumpout for the various 'get' messages that can be sent to the [live.path input.

Third-Party Max externals similar to the live.path object listing for the live.path object

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