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Using the live.step object

The live.step object has up to 64 steps. Feeding live.step an integer between 1-64 in the first inlet will cause live.step to output all values associated with that step out the first outlet as a list, sorted in this order: pitch, velocity, duration, Extra1 and Extra 2.

The data from a deactivated layer is not output. Layers can be activated or deactivated in the inspector


live.step stores its data internally. If you create a MaxForLive device that uses live.step, your sequence data will be automatically stored and recalled with your Live set.

live.step Tutorials

live.step Tips and Workarounds

live.step supports up to five data types: Pitch, Velocity, Duration, Extra1 and Extra2. To inspect the various data types, open the inspector and look at the Display Mode attribute. Each data type displays in a certain way, for example, pitch is displayed as horizontal bars, velocity is displayed as vertical lines with needle hole eyes and Extra is displayed as unadorned sliders. The Extra1 and Extra2 lanes offer some customization. If you require a bi-polar data type, the Extra lane can be signed (this can also be found in the inspector.) The thickness of the Extra lines can be set from a thin line to a fat slider that fills the entire channel of the step.

live.step offers up to 16 sequences of up to 64 steps. All this data is stored and remembered automatically in your Live Session. You can set the number of sequences with the nseq message. For example, if you wish to have 10 sequences, send live.step the message nseq 10.

To set the number of steps, use the nstep message followed by an integer. For example, if you want your sequence to be 32-steps, send live.step the message nstep 32

You don't have to use all the live.step data lanes. You can disable any data types you're not using so you can declutter the UI. For example, here is a streamlined slider appearance using Extra1.

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A velocity of zero will disable a step. For example, the message velocity 1 0 will disable step 1.

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