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lookup~ online refpage

Using the lookup~ object

lookup~ allows you to use a table of samples (buffer~ object) to do waveshaping on a signal, in which the Y values of an input signal are used as X values to look up new signal values. Input values of -1 to +1 are mapped to table values between 0 (or the specified sample offset) and the size of the table.

lookup~ Tutorials

lookup~ is utilized in the following MSP Tutorial 12: Waveshaping

lookup~ is covered in the following MSP Dynamics Tutorial 3: Distortion

lookup~ is explained in the following MSP Sampling Tutorial 5: Waveshaping

lookup~ Tips and Workarounds

The amplitude of the input signal determines how much of the lookup table gets used. As the amplitude of the input signal increases, more of the table gets used, and consequently more frequencies are generally introduced into the output. Thus, you can change the timbre of a waveshaped signal dynamically by continuously altering the amplitude of the input signal, using a control function or a modulating signal.

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