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makenote online refpage

Using the makenote object

makenote outputs a MIDI note-on message paired with a velocity value followed by a note-off message after a specified amount of time. This allows for generative MIDI output without having to manage note-off generation.

makenote Tutorials

makenote is mentioned in Max MIDI Tutorial 2: MIDI Note Management

It is also used in Tutorial 21: Using the poly~ Object and Tutorial 19: Timing

makenote Tips and Workarounds

makenote has a number of attributes that can be accessed in it's inspector.

  • Repeat Mode can set the behavior of the outgoing notes, these settings are Poly/Re-trigger or Stop Last.
  • A duration can also be set for when a note-off message is sent out.
  • Use an optional third argument in the object box for specifying the MIDI channel for the note on and the note off messages.

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