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(Using the {{maxword|name=metro}} object)
({{maxword|name=metro}} Tutorials)
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=={{maxword|name=metro}} Tutorials==
=={{maxword|name=metro}} Tutorials==
* [ Max Basic Tutorial 4: Metro]
* [[20Objects_Lesson_05_-_The_metro_object|20Objects Lesson 05: The Metro Object]]
=={{maxword|name=metro}} Tips and Workarounds==
=={{maxword|name=metro}} Tips and Workarounds==

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metro online refpage

Using the metro object

the metro object is used for timing and clock-based synchronization in a Max patch. The interval of output can either be fixed or tempo-relative, using the global or a named transport object.

metro Tutorials

metro Tips and Workarounds

Third-Party Max externals similar to the metro object listing for the metro object

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