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=={{maxword|name=comment}} Tutorials==
=={{maxword|name=comment}} Tutorials==
* The {{maxword|name=number}} object is covered in [ the third Max tutorial]
* The {{maxword|name=number}} object is covered in [ the Third Max tutorial]
* It is also part of [[20Objects_Lesson_02_-_The Number Box|the Second lesson in the 20 Objects series]].
* It is also part of [[20Objects_Lesson_02_-_The Number Box|the Second lesson in the 20 Objects series]].

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number online refpage

Using the number object

The number object will be one of your most heavily utilized objects from beginning to advanced patching in both the editing the UI stage of the patching environment.

number displays, inputs, and outputs integer numbers.

comment Tutorials

number Tips and Workarounds

number has several format options that can be accessed by entering the inspector for the object and looking under Appearance in the All or Basic tab. One of its most useful formats for UI based presentations and midi note implementation is the Midi Note Name. It displays numbers according to their MIDI pitch value, with 60 displayed as C3 or an alternate format with 60 displayed as C4.

numbers UI can be changed in many ways by entering the inspector or attaching an Attrui object.

• Hit the 'I' to add a new number object to your patch.

Third-Party Max externals similar to the number object listing for the number object

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