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pack online refpage

Using the pack object

pack is one of many max objects that helps us to format input messages into output lists, a vital part of constructing and controlling many patches.

pack Tutorials

pack is first introduced in Max Basic Tutorial 9: Mouse Drawing. In this tutorial pack is used to create 4 and 6 element lists to allow different drawing commands to be sent to the lcd object.

pack Tips and Workarounds

Many users are initially confused by the difference between pack and pak (the latter is often pronounced "pock" to distinguish between them). With pack only the left output triggers the ouput list, while pak is triggered when input is received in any inlet. This patch modifies the mouse drawing tutorial patch to illustrate the problem with using pak's where you should be using pack's

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There are many different ways to put lists together in Max. Here are a bunch of different ways to change the color of a button:

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Did you know that pack can send its list directly to any named receive object?

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Third-Party Max externals similar to the pack object listing for the pack object

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