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More Information:
More Information:
* The [ ReWire Vignette]
* Information on [ Using ReWire in a Standalone Application]
* Information on [ Using ReWire in a Standalone Application]

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rewire~ online refpage

Additional information about ReWire can be found in the ReWire vignette.

Using the rewire~ object

More Information:

rewire~ Tutorials

You can see how to work with the rewire~ object and Reason in this article.

rewire~ Tips and Workarounds

The rewire~ object cause Max to act as a ReWire "Mixer" - a host for other ReWire "Client" applications. As a result, you need to launch a Max patch containing a rewire~ object before you launch the ReWire applications. Once you do, any subsequent ReWire Client application will see the availability of a Mixer, and will automatically attach to that application (rather than starting in standalone mode). You also have to quit Client applications before quitting Max so that the connection between applications can be properly removed.

An application cannot be both a Mixer and a Client simultaneously. Thus, you cannot use the rewire~ object within a patch if you are using the ReWire audio driver to connect to another Mixer application.

Third-Party Max externals similar to the rewire~ object

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Errors or Clarifications

  • It is not always necessary to use the "play" message in order to use the ReWire client as a sound generator. Each software package implements this function in some way; Reason 6.5, for instance, does not require the ReWire transport to be started in order to hear the results from playing its synthesizers directly.

Important Web Links

You can find out more about ReWire on the Propellerheads' web page dedicated to the technology: here