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(Using the {{maxword|name=sfplay~}} object)
(People who looked at/used this object also looked at....)
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==People who looked at/used this object also looked at....==
==People who looked at/used this object also looked at....==
* {{maxword|name=buffer~}}
* {{maxword|name=play~}}
==Errors or Clarifications==
==Errors or Clarifications==

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[edit] sfplay~ online refpage

[edit] Using the sfplay~ object

patchers/docs/tutorial-patches/msp-tut/16mRecordPlayAIFFFiles.maxpat provides a working example of sfplay~ in action.

[edit] sfplay~ Tutorials

  • MSP Tutorial 16 provides a basic introduction.

[edit] sfplay~ Tips and Workarounds

  • Most objects in Max that play audio files usually reference data that has been loaded into RAM via a buffer~ object. sfplay~ is unique in that it streams audio directly off your hard drive.
  • You may prefer to use sfplay~ for large audio files that you don't want to load into memory, or for playback functions that don't require extensive playback manipulation.
  • sfplay~ does supports variable speed playback, sample accurate cue looping and triggering, signal outputs for playback position, and correct playback of files with sampling rates different than the current sampling rate.
  • sfplay~ supports the AIFF, .au, WAVE and Raw Data files. If you need to play MP3 or other file types, you may need to buffer~ and play~

[edit] Third-Party Max externals similar to the sfplay~ object listing for the sfplay~ object

[edit] People who looked at/used this object also looked at....

[edit] Errors or Clarifications

(please list things that you believe to be errors or omissions from the existing refpage)