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spray online refpage

Using the spray object

The spray object takes numerically indexed input values and lists and outputs them to corresponding outlets. This can be very useful for managing MIDI style input, creating custom state management solutions for storing and recalling parameters, and much more.

spray Tutorials

spray Tips and Workarounds

Spray is a great way to route MIDI input data.

This patch shows three different ways to parse MIDI control data:

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

This patch converts MIDI notes to bangs:

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This patch combines spray with funnel and coll to create a custom state saving method as an alternative to preset or the pattr family of objects:

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The default behavior for spray is to use the the first number as the outlet number, and one or more values that follow are sent out that outlet and those to its right, in right-to-left order. Spray also has a "list mode", which causes the entire list following the first number to be send out the corresponding outlet. This is necessary when sending many multi-element commands, such as those used to control most jitter objects. This patch uses the "list mode" to send commands to an openGL scene and also shows how this can be useful for controlling remote clients:

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Third-Party Max externals similar to the spray object listing for the spray object

  • The CNMAT library includes a number of OSC objects that allow for easy OSC formatting, parsing and routing of data.

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