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value online refpage

Using the value object

The value object allows you to share data with all other value objects that have the same name in in any open max patch. Any message received in the inlet stores that message in all instances of value with the same name. Sending a bang to any particular value will output the message from that instance of the object. Value supports ints, floats, symbols and lists.

value Tutorials

The value object is introduced in Max Basic Tutorial 16: Remote Messaging.

value Tips and Workarounds

Like the int and float objects, you can use value to store a value and then retreive it with a bang. Unlike the other two, value works with lists and symbols as well as ints and floats. This patch uses this capability along with the route object to distinguish between ints, floats, (numerical) lists, and symbols.

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Sometimes you may want a local pv object to update immediately and have the others wait for a bang. Here we use trigger to make it happen:

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Third-Party Max externals similar to the value object listing for the value object

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