• Scalemaker

    A simple MIDI tool to quickly work out the notes of a variety of musical scales by inputting only the root note (Tonic).

  • Super-Looper Basic

    A lot of people asked me for my "Super-Looper" Max/MSP-patch, so I decided to build a version, that everybody can use without any additional controllers.

  • KeyMidi with added features

    I needed to use the KeyMidi Extra but I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting any sound in my project.

  • Ultimate Ztep Zequencer 2.0

    UZZ is a Max For Live device inspired in the step sequencer created by Len Sasso for Logic Audio environment. Features: UZZ is a 16-step sequencer where you can adjust each parameter in every step independently.

  • MidiConverter

  • Xbox Controller Interface

  • QueScript

    QueScript is a Java-based Max External for writing animation scripts. It has a rich feature set of commands that allow a unique way of writing complex cue-, time- or logic- triggered animations that can be easily implemented into existing max patches. It also features {expressions} and variables.

  • Mixer, an audio Max/MSP package

    ABOUT Mixer.* is a Max/MSP package for audio mapping projects. The package includes various objects, like channel strips, eqs, limiters, and aux sends. Mixer.* provides GUI, modular design, and pattr binding for smooth integration into your Max/MSP workflow.

  • ramp

  • smoov

  • Flowers (a glitchy experiment)

    Download the patch This is a project which is son of fortuity.

  • Korg nanoKontrol Max Package

    Korgnano is a software implementation of the Korg nanoKontrol USB controller.

  • pixel sorter reverse

    By popular demand I decided to share my reverse pixel sorting patch here.

  • Microsonic FM is a polyphonic granular synthesiser for Max4Live, based on quasi-synchronous granular synthesis techniques.

  • Drone Creator

    As a fairly high amount of people wanted to have a look at my patch "Drone Creator", I decided to post it here as a tool for download.

  • Global keyboard for Max

    Global keyboard means that you can have keyboard input even if your patche/collective/app is in the background. It's based on the library JnativeHook.

  • (A YouTube video in which I demonstrate TransposerRT can be found here.  Please forgive the amateurish quality of the video; you'll hear background noise from my family, as well as pops and clicks from the freeware screencasting software I was struggling with.  I'm much better at making M4L devices than YouTube videos, I promise!) Have you ever wished that you could play notes on one MIDI track, and have those notes be applied as pitch transpositions to what's playing on other MIDI tracks?  Well, now you can.  TransposerRT is a freely downloadable pair of Max For Live MIDI Effect devices -a Sender and a Receiver- which together make Ableton Live much more flexible for improvisation, allowing you to send pitch transpositions to multiple MIDI tracks simultaneously on the fly. For example, say you have a bass track and a string pad track each playing their own clip, while you improvise the melody on another track.

  • Clipboard image to Jitter matrix

    This Mxj externals allows to paste an image from clipboard inside a jitter matrix .

  • Aparato Electro Compositor

    The Stefano Scarani new Aparato Electro Compositor is the virtual reconstruction and re-interpretation of the homonymous invention of Juan García Castillejo; The AEC is a semi-aleatory system able to generate sequences of events; a prototype of a sequencer in midi-concept (an open system able to communicate with different devices electrically controllable, as dynamo, tone generators, lights and even fireworks). The reconstruction of the AEC is the result of the university research project Recuperación de obras pioneras del Arte Sonoro de la Vanguardia Histórica Española y revisión de su influencia actual coordinated by Miguel Molina Alarcón of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), and director of the research group Laboratorio de Creaciones Intermedia.

    This version of the AEC has been done in a way that allows connection to any audio generator (and virtually not only audio) system, internal or external, by MIDI protocol.

  • Alea_Ki

    Alea_Ki A Stefano Scarani / Tangatamanu gestural musical instrument; allpow you to play a virtual instrument with your hands using the Kinect video-sensor.

  • Urn in javascript

  • a Kalman Filter using Javascript

  • Multichannel audio in MaxForLive!

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