Introducing RNBO

    RNBO is a new patching environment built to export software with the sound of Max.

    Create web experiences, hardware music devices, audio plugins, and new Max objects all from the same patch. And when that's not enough, RNBO generates source code that you can use however you want.

    Tom Hall explains how RNBO took his patching to new places in the teaser videos

    This Was Made in RNBO

    The example below was patched in RNBO and exported to Web Audio. RNBO Web Export also provides easy access to your patcher's interactive elements and seamlessly integrates with your HTML/Javascript code to add rich sonic experiences.

    One Patch, Many Targets

    A single RNBO patch can export compiled code that runs in several defined target contexts, and source code you can integrate into any C++ or Web Audio project.

    Build guitar pedals, Eurorack modules and much more with Raspberry Pi export

    Run your patch in any DAW as a VST3 or AudioUnit Plugin

    Compile your own self-contained, shareable Max object

    Increase performance and loading times of your Max for Live devices

    Embed your RNBO sound engine into a website using Web Export

    Generate easy-to-integrate C++ source code

    Hear the Code While You Patch

    The sound you hear while patching in RNBO is generated and compiled code that updates as you make changes. This running code is identical to the code you export, so your work will sound the same no matter which target you choose.

    Hear the Code While You Patch

    You'll Feel Right at Home

    Although built on new technology, RNBO offers an instantly recognizable patching environment with many familiar objects and practices from Max. If you've used Max before, you'll be up and running in no time.

    RNBO patch
    Max patch

    Inspired by What You Love in Max

    Full Gen integration, with the addition of event support and interactive UI objects

    Every RNBO object has its own help file, just like in Max

    Events and signals can be mixed in the patcher, just like in Max

    Use param, inport, and outport objects to define the controls for your RNBO export

    Mix patching and text-based programming directly in RNBO

    Easily make your patches, subpatches, and abstractions polyphonic with the polyphony attribute

    Your Guide to Creating with RNBO

    RNBO is supported by thorough and ever-expanding online resources at Here, you can find tutorial videos, documentation, and helpful project guides to get you up and running immediately.

    Begin Your RNBO Journey

    To get started using RNBO, download and install Max 8.5. RNBO will run in a trial mode -- where saving is disabled -- allowing you to explore its capabilities and learning resources before purchasing the full version.

    Visit our Shop to purchase Max + RNBO.

    Begin Your RNBO Journey