Max for Live

    Editing a Max for Live device.

    The Limitless Possibilities of Max - inside Live

    Max for Live gives you a blank slate to patch together your own musical tools that work seamlessly inside the Live environment. Create your own Instrument, Midi Effect, or Audio Effect that does exactly what you want, or customize an existing device with your own adjustments. Max for Live also provides the ability to control your Live Set using the Live API.

    A monosynth created in Max for Live

    Max Patching That Looks Like Ableton Live

    Max includes a suite of interactive UI elements built to look, feel, and behave exactly like a built-in Live Device. Within Live, these objects can be mapped, automated, and modulated like any native controls.

    Live UI objects in Max

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    Building Max Devices
    ⁠Learn to develop and customize Max devices with this comprehensive learning pack that includes 90 Max Devices and 40+ Live Sets.