Patch Inside Max

    Max: MIDI data at your fingertipsConnect your Max patches to the wide universe of MIDI and other external controllers. Use Max's user interface objects to make your own control interfaces with full support for MIDI/MPE, and OSC protocols.

    MSP: The ultimate sonic toolkitMake your own unique synths, or craft your own swirling webs of delay. Teach your audio samples new tricks by using algorithms of your design, automation, and external hardware.

    Jitter: Beyond everyday video effectsCombine Max’s flexibility with Jitter – real-time video, 3D/2D vector graphics, and effects. Experiment with audio-to-video control (and vice-versa) to create your own video processing routing and feedback systems.

    Gen: Flexible audio/video processingGen integrates Max's familiar visual patching environment with the power of real-time code generation and compilation.

    BEAP: Synth and Sound ModulesBEAP provides a robust library of high-level modules that you’ll know and love from the analog synth world. Patch them up and interface them with your own analog synth modules for a world of new possibilities and sounds.

    VIZZIE: Visual Manipulation ModulesVizzie’s high-level visual processing modules let you make everything from VJ rigs or interactive video work with real-time controls to little patches that do amazing things with your webcam.

    Connect to Max

    ArduinoUse Max's serial communications to interface with electronic sensors, motors, and other components using your Arduino board.

    ControllersMax's built-in MIDI handling tools connect to any MIDI controller with knobs, sliders, buttons, or keyboards.

    SynthesizersCombine hardware synths with Max to create custom editors. Max supports the full MIDI/MPE spec, so you can talk to any MIDI device.

    DMX LightingAdd audio-responsive and interactive elements to your show system lighting with Max.

    ProjectorsTake control of your visuals with interactive support for multiple screens, OpenGL hardware graphics, and video playback.

    Live InputsConnect live instruments and sound sources to Max and experiment. Audio interfaces, USB Microphones, and built-in hardware all work seamlessly.