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  • Sonic Shuffle | The App Release

    Sonic Shuffle The App Release is not just an album, but an interactive application entirely conceived and written in MAX/Msp by Domenico Sciajno; a composing and remixing tool where each composition can be endlessly transformed by the listener’s actions and choices or through algorithmic automation or a combination of both. An innovative, interactive release featuring music created from a graphic score by Domenico Sciajno performed by a 48-member electronic orchestra, with some of the most remarkable musicians in the electro-acoustic and experimental music field: Yasuhiro Morinaga, Carlos "Zingaro", David Brown, Francesco Giomi, Franz Hautzinger, Chris Brown, Lawrence English, Toshimaru Nakamura, Phill Niblock, Frank Bretschneider, Gunter Müller, Oren Ambarchi, Lionel Marchetti, Kim Cascone, Asmus Tietchens, Ivan Zavada, Vladislav Delay, Alvin Curran, Daniel Schorno, Michael J.

  • Phawuo – synth for iPad

  • Acoustbl

    Acoustbl is a Mac OSX app that lets you make music and transform your own live sound. Compatible with iPhone (C74) and iPad (MIRA) cycling74.com A project by Carlos D.

  • Nagi #2

    "Nagi" is an application that captures sound of everyday , and then mixed with the gentle sine wave, relax one's mind you.

  • Graph Arpeggiator 3 Synth

    Even if you do not possess the knowledge of music, if you can make draw the graph, you can make musical phrase.

  • Nagi #1

    Renew "nagi project" Released in Mac Appstore “Nagi – a peaceful calm” is a sound game software created by the game music composer Takayuki Nakamura in the hope of helping as many people of  feeling the fear and anxiety as possible to recover some tranquility. There are sweet, noisy, likable or annoying enviromental sounds surrounding us.


    QUADEK Digital Quadraphonic Audio Decoder -- Bring back to life the sound of your quadraphonic records! -- QUADEK implements two algorithms capable of decoding four music channels out of a stereo track: QS method is best for “Quadraphonic Sound” recordings and SQ for “Stereo Quadraphonic” recordings.


    MATRIK Digital Audio Patch-Bay for Mac OS X Simple and powerful control of your audio workflow MATRIK features a powerful matrix interface that allows you to internally route all audio inputs and outputs in your system (*).

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