6 Projects tagged with "architecture"

  • "I have left you the mountain" presents ten new texts written by contemporary writers and thinkers on the architecture of displacement.

  • sig.int

    Sig.Int is a live A/V performance exploring the different contexts of sound synthesizing and visualization, directly integrating the spherical environment and multiple speakers right at the center of the composition and performance.

  • Invisible Wall

    Invisible Wall is an interactive art installation by an artist duo from Kazakhstan, theZwo. The concept splits between spatial object hidden in a dark space of the gallery as a static part and light and sound components to the installation as an interactive part. Audience is encouraged to enter dark space and flash the light onto the sculpture which reacts to light and thus change the soundscape within the space. Spatial sculpture is built from  several rows of thin metal wires crossing the room in simple geometrical pattern.

  • Music of Structures

    Architecture Is Frozen Music The aim of the project was to turn the structures into music: shape, form, internal tensions and so on. I extracted relations between the architectural shape and its structural support.

  • Building Materials

    Building Materials is an installed composition, made in direct response to the architecture and use of Exeter Phoenix arts centre. Sensors spread throughout the building carry raw data back to a listening room to form a self generating audio composition, created in software designed by myself in Max/Msp.

  • Pole Dance is this year winning entry for the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program (YAP) designed by Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu (SO-IL) with interactive multi-media design by Arup and 2x4.

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