10 Projects tagged with "art"


    Inspired by structuralists methods, brutalist architecture and minimalist visual forms, struct is a live improvisation with eurorack modular system as the only source of triggering and sound.

  • Invisible Wall

    Invisible Wall is an interactive art installation by an artist duo from Kazakhstan, theZwo. The concept splits between spatial object hidden in a dark space of the gallery as a static part and light and sound components to the installation as an interactive part. Audience is encouraged to enter dark space and flash the light onto the sculpture which reacts to light and thus change the soundscape within the space. Spatial sculpture is built from  several rows of thin metal wires crossing the room in simple geometrical pattern.


  • The Other Gene

  • signal.interrupt

      Daily traversed by more or less interpretable signals using equipment more or less sophisticated as our cell phones or our radios, we can only get the meaning of a very small part of them, finally. These digital or analog signals carrying information are transcoded and transported by electromagnetic waves traveling in our world meshed by antenna systems, networks splitters, filters and other as invisible as necessary equipment in our lives often reduced to propagation of messages. signal.interrupt is a generative sound and visual installation that visits the various forms of modulation and signal creation itself from pseudo-random generators that displays programmed shapes and generates continuously sound and visuals, exploring the modulation frequency of amplitude, tone generation by random wave table, among other processes. signal.interrupt is based on an algorithm that generates digital bits ​​0 or 1, which are stored in real-time in temporary memory and read as if they were full-fledged sound signals.

  • IanniX

    IanniX is a graphical open-source sequencer, based on Iannis Xenakis works, for digital art.

  • Syndyn – Artistic Sport Game


  • Sonic Shadows

    Commissioned for SFMOMA's 75th anniversary in 2010, this site-specific installation by San Francisco-based sound artist Bill Fontana translates the architectural space below the museum's oculus skylight into a live, musical composition.

  • Sonic Gateway

    Sound art installation at the San Jose International Airport by bay area artist Bill Fontana. Commissioned as part of the airport's public art program, this piece engages arriving and departing passengers on their transition to/from flights as they walk through their respective jetbridges.

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