8 Projects tagged with "art installation"


    Installation & AV Performance What is non-choclear sound? They are the first words of a famous article, "On the non-cochlearity of sounds themselves", where Dr.

  • Making traces

    Making traces is a kinetic audio-visual installation by Matteo Castiglioni that investigates the possible relationships between sign and sound, trying to bring as much as possible to the time of the composition to that of the execution, creating a score in continuous creation, execution and variation.

  • Bosco di Luce EXPO2015

  • KRK SoundShadows

    This installation refers to characteristic soundscapes of Krakow. By moving hands above a map of the city, visitors can experience various soundscapes of different parts of the city. It’s built using light sensors which react on the changing of the light while hovering the map with hands.

  • Sous-ensemble

    Thierry Fournier Sous-ensemble installation (2015) Lille Renaissance festival, September 26, 2015 to January 17, 2016 In a space similar as a recording studio, the presence of the visitors makes appear, one by one, the sounds of the instruments of a symphony orchestra during its tuning – until a complete reconstitution when a group is present.

  • Invisible Wall

    Invisible Wall is an interactive art installation by an artist duo from Kazakhstan, theZwo. The concept splits between spatial object hidden in a dark space of the gallery as a static part and light and sound components to the installation as an interactive part. Audience is encouraged to enter dark space and flash the light onto the sculpture which reacts to light and thus change the soundscape within the space. Spatial sculpture is built from  several rows of thin metal wires crossing the room in simple geometrical pattern.

  • GRIDI – A large scale midi sequencer

    This project is a realisation of an idea I had in my head for a while.

  • Órgano – A speaking pipe organ

    Órgano is a talking machine featuring two different voice synthesizers.

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