8 Projects tagged with "camera"

  • Der Cryptochron

    As we believe that time and space are inextricably connected, we commonly perceive the progression of time as motion - either by the motion of our surroundings or by our own movement in space.

  • Zeitmaschine

    Zeitmaschine is an interactive video installation that projects the uncertainty of the future onto the past.

  • Paint controlled pixel mapping

  • Sound of Your Soul by Therisse Martinez

    Sound of Your Soul is based around a MAX patch the artists has programmed which uses parts of a person's being to create an individualized piece of music.

  • Phisynth

    This instrument was created as part of our latest interactive dance spectacle “Absorbe-moi” The starting idea was to create an instrument dealing with sound synthesis and reacting directly with the movement of the 2 dancers. Their movement is tracked live and analyzed by another computer, collecting the main characteristics of it (X position, Y position, Height, Width, X gravity, Y gravity, speed and luminosity). This continuous flux of data is smoothed, then transmitted as normalized data into the synth trough 8 channels, used to modulate the main parameter of the sound, like the oscillators frequency, the filters cutoff frequency, their resonance, etc..., or used to control events like the retriggering of envelopes, zeroing the oscillator phase, modifying their wave shape, controlling the rate of the sequencers, or the spatial position of the sound sources in the set (a quadriphonic system is used here).

  • Image Tracking Synthesizer

  • Cosmicaura

    An intimate interactive installation where the viewer looks into a mirror and sees a “Beautified” and transformed image of themselves projected onto a huge screen.

  • Video Trigger

    Video Trigger is a free standalone motion detector application tailored for media artists.

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