9 Projects tagged with "computer vision"

  • All video portions of the project were done in Max/Jitter.

  • Lumisonic Synaesthetics

    Here is a run through of the setup for the laser controlled music thingy! This is not how it sounds as it is just ticking over whilst I am filming and when I do play it I only have one hand free! The basic premise is this; Light dependent resistors (up to 16 of them) are stimulated by lights and lasers passing over them and the change in resistance is measured by an Arduino Mega and sent over USB to a laptop running Window 7. The data streams are processed by OSC and Max/MSP, converted and sent to a variety of sound sources.

  • Gremlin-infested Positioning System

    The Gremlin-infested Positioning System was a locative media artist project made by Andrew Roth at the Almost Perfect Co-Production residency at the Banff New Media Institute.

  • Phisynth

    This instrument was created as part of our latest interactive dance spectacle “Absorbe-moi” The starting idea was to create an instrument dealing with sound synthesis and reacting directly with the movement of the 2 dancers. Their movement is tracked live and analyzed by another computer, collecting the main characteristics of it (X position, Y position, Height, Width, X gravity, Y gravity, speed and luminosity). This continuous flux of data is smoothed, then transmitted as normalized data into the synth trough 8 channels, used to modulate the main parameter of the sound, like the oscillators frequency, the filters cutoff frequency, their resonance, etc..., or used to control events like the retriggering of envelopes, zeroing the oscillator phase, modifying their wave shape, controlling the rate of the sequencers, or the spatial position of the sound sources in the set (a quadriphonic system is used here).

  • Mixed Reality Gaming via MAX

    As a master thesis project, we have developed a MAX-Unity Fishtank Virtual Reality environment and developed games for it, using only headtracking as input.

  • Lost Angel

  • Posture Man Pat

    This app reminds you to sit up straight when you're by your computer.

  • Image Tracking Synthesizer


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