2 Projects tagged with "cut-up"

  • Pixel Bleed is an exploration of decay and repetition all done live via Max/Msp with absolutely no overdubs nor sequencers.

  • Cutupsampler

    Cutupsampler performs a cut-up of a sound file and maps the various cuts to keys on a MIDI keyboard or computer keyboard. Cutupsampler is about embracing unpredictability as artistic inspiration; the software fractures your sound and you put the pieces together in new ways, performing them by hand. Whereas most samplers are concerned with playing a particular sample at musical pitches on the keyboard, or playing discrete samples that are mapped individually to specific keys, Cutupsampler's approach is to divide a single sound among multiple keys — fracturing the original sound, without any attempt to transpose the cuts to musical pitches. If you register for a free Echo Nest API key, Cutupsampler will allow you to analyze your samples to cut them up on beats, bars, and "segments." Cutupsampler is provided free and open-source.

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