21 Projects tagged with "DMX"


    „Black Mirror“ is a concert installation in an and around an abandoned hotel located at the city border of Luxembourg.

  • Cluster

    Cluster is an immersive audiovisual site-specific installation that explores relationships between space, time and perception.

  • Der Cryptochron

    As we believe that time and space are inextricably connected, we commonly perceive the progression of time as motion - either by the motion of our surroundings or by our own movement in space.


    The piece Scanners copes with the physical qualities of instrumentalists in electro-acoustic music.

  • In Futurum

    installation for piano parts and LEDs

    Anticipating John Cage’s more famous “silent” piece 4’33’’ by thirty years, Erwin Schulhoff’s (1894-1942) In Futurum for solo piano (1919) is nothing but rests in both hands, supplemented by question mark articulations, cryptic smiles made of slurs, and cheeky directions (“play the whole piece with expression and feeling freely, always, to the very end!“).

  • Video is from a performance by Rodrigo Constanzo using snare/percussion/objects, The Party Van, and DMX lights filmed by Angela Guyton at Bacon Jam Collective on 9 December 2015.

    In the performance The Party Van and the DMX lights are being controlled by a Max patch which moves through different interaction/behavior types (ranging from one-to-one onset=color mapping, to more complex interactions based on automatic recording/playback). In addition to the defined interaction/behavior types there is a body of prerecorded light patterns (flashes, blips, and heart rate throbs) that were recorded by Angela using a separate Max patch which selects a grid of pixels from a larger image and uses that as the pool of available colors in a kind of color granular synth.

  • Augmented Drum Kit – Trrraction

  • Sensate Focus

    For electric guitar, bass clarinet, percussion, violin, live-electronics and animated light 2014 Program Notes Abstract: Cats were reared in a light-tight box in which the only source of illumination was a 9-psec strobe flash every 2 sec.

  • apc2mpc

  • Lucky Dip

  • Paint controlled pixel mapping

  • M4cchina ensemble – Local Landscapes

    Never mind the labels or categories.

  • iminlovewithanothergirl explores the use of a condenser microphone as percussive beater, friction actuator, feedback tuner, as well as a dynamically moveable microphone.

  • All Is Domain

    All Is Domain was a final undergraduate work I produced at COFA (UNSW) in 2010.

  • Manifest Yesterday

    This installation attempted to synthesize the experience of blinding insight.

  • Quan el fang pren la paraula

    "What is the magic that is in the eyes of a child when watching for the first time a giant? They believe that they are certain and life ...

  • tremor control

    It's an automated earthquake simulator, with 6 inches of physical travel, 8.2 audio, dmx lighting effects, as well as mechanical effects-- all tied together through max/msp.

  • Your Fox’s A Dirty Gold

  • Viatge al País del Pinguai

  • Tlight

    Developed for the T, a circular glass building located in the center of Cagliari, Tlight is a permanent interactive installation obtained through the use of LED panels on the top floor of the building. light’s panels change color and intensity depending on the traffic noise, on outside temperature and on many other sensor system.

  • DMaX – DMX Lighting in Ableton Live

    DMaX is a set of devices for Ableton Live written with Max for Live, that allow DMX lighting to be controlled using Live parameters.

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