6 Projects tagged with "electro-acoustic"

  • VIDI

  • _derivations

    _derivations is an interactive performance system designed for use in improvisatory musical performance.


    STILLHETEN is a software for electroacoustic live improvisation entirely developed using Max/MSP. The main idea behind the project is based on the concept of working with a set of ā€œnā€ linearly independent vectors in a space and generate orthogonal frames used to trigger different parameters in the audio synthesis and processing.

  • Algorithmic Music Generator: Beep Bleep ZOMG!

    Techniques used in Max/MSP in Creating: Beep Bleep ZOMG!   When I decided to use Max/MSP to compose my piece: Into the Metaverse on some cosmological Bubble, I was very daunted at what I should do.

  • Mutations

    Author: Jon Weinel and Robert Ratcliffe

    'Mutations' is a composition by composer Robert Ratcliffe which manipulates scored piano material to create mutations, which are then performed with a Disklavier.

  • Atomizer Live Patch

    This is a live performance patch collecting several instruments for creating short fractured sounds juxtaposed with drones and predefined material.

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