3 Projects tagged with "Electro-Magnetic"

  • e-String

    e-String is an homebuilt string instrument.

  • Fae Harmer Nathan Harmer Johnathan Pigram Performing an adaptation of 'Put On Your Tin Foil Hats' with CRT TV's and VCR's as source material. All sound was sourced from Electro-magnetic fields from the onstage consumer electronics using magnetic pickups.

  • Put On Your Tin Foil Hats

    This is part three of a three part project produced by Nathan Harmer (sound artist, musician, programmer, producer, performance artist and composer), the previous two parts were static compositions one stereo and one 5.1 surround. This part is a live performance collaboration with Fae Harmer (mixed media artist, currently working with the medium of live visual editing) using live source material manipulated with various Max/MSP modules.

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