9 Projects tagged with "electronic music"

  • The project was to produce a promotional music video that blended a variety of different arts disciplines to create an interesting and visually stimulating piece with elements of dance, videography, custom effects coding and traditional paintings to accompany the music.

  • Perg

    Perg is a composition for marimba, electronics, live electronics and video. The new version of Perg (2015) is made completely with Max (apart the marimba).

  • The Conductor’s Philosophy

    “The Conductor’s Philosophy” – is an audio-visual work composed by Damian T.

  • Liste Noire – “AFire, Afire”

    For Liste Noire's new video "Afire, Afire".

  • VIDI

  • Sound Chopper 2 V2.0

    Sound chopper 2 is a stand alone application built in Max/MSP.

    Sound Chopper 2 features a granulator, stretcher, pitch shifter, slicer and tremolo, panner, bit crusher, 8 different delays (mono and stereo) and 8 filters.

  • Sound Chopper

    Sound chopper is a stand alone application that allows you to manipulate pre-recorded sound through is different sound effects such us pitch shifter, reverb and delay, looper etc...

  • Whitebox Ambibell

    Inspired by Ableton's Ambient and Evolving instruments, this is an ambient soundscape thing. I've used patches from Pluggo's Big Ben Bell, Chamberverb, Raindrops Stereo Filter Delay and Mormo's Pitch Drop to try and make an atmospheric sound maker that Eno might be happy with. New in V1.7: All Droplet Effect controls are now visible. Pitch Slide Time dial is also visible. TIPS.

  • Max/MSP Book

    ELECTRONIC MUSIC AND SOUND DESIGN Theory and Practice with Max/MSP - Vol.

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