6 Projects tagged with "feedback"

  • Synergy

    Interactive installation based on neuro-bio feedback loop using EPOC Emotiv Headsets. Concept, research, graphic design, interface design, installation and web design >> Saša Spačal Concept, programming, visualisation and sound design >> Tadej Droljc Concept, neuroscience coordinator, EEG analysis, project member >> Simon Brežan, dr.

  • dervish-meditation 2012

    A three minute 720p preview of a ten years and counting work-in-progress.

  • The Lorelei Suite

    The Lorelei Suite comprises of three different applications, each one designed with a specific sound or compositional process in mind.

  • Shanghai Traces

    Shanghai Traces was a response to the massive beautification campaign that Shanghai underwent in preparation for hosting the World Expo in 2010.

  • Backup Aura

    "Backup Aura" is an album of electronic music consisting of six compositions that make use of the computer as a feedback tool for extending the ideas and intuitions of the composer.

  • Pivoted Limbs

    Pivoted Limbs is an electronic music EP recorded at my home studio.

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